Volume 22, Issue 87, July 2012  

 The Comparative Measure with the Best as an Introduction for Quality Assurance of Education in Egypt
 Dr. Reda Ibrahim El Meligy

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Obstacles of Student Activities at the Faculties of Education in Oman (Field Study)
 Salah El; Sayed Abdo Ramadan
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 Perception of Kindergarten Teachers for some Rights of Child in Qalyoubia from Educational Prospective (Field Study)
 Dr. Maha Salah El Din Mohamed
 Dr. Naglaa Mohamed Ali Ibrahim

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Development Obstacles of Innovative Thinking for Pre-school Child (from the Point of View of kindergarten teachers in Kuwait)
 Prof. Dr. Fawzi Ali Bu Versen
Prof. Dr. Sana Eid Gaber Al-Mutairi
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 The Effect of Using the Blended Learning in Achievement, the Development of some Teaching Skills, and the Trend to Methodology Course for the Social Studies for Diploma Students (Social Studies Division)
 Dr. Abbas Ragheb Allam
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Using the Social Stories in Reducing some Types of the Negative Behavior and Developing the Emotional Expressions for some Autistic Children
 Dr. Saied Kamal Abdel Hamid
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   Volume 22, Issue 87 part2 , July 2012   

 Contributions of Study and Family Environments in Self-organized Learning for Secondary and University Students and Its Relationship with Study achievement
 Dr. Asmaa Mohamed Abdel Hamid

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 Assess the Project of Comprehensive Assessment for the School (from the Point of View of Supervisors and Managers of Schools at Taif)
 Dr. Ady bin Karim al-Khalidi
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 Leadership Empowerment and Its Relationship with Decision-making in Primary Schools at Kuwait
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed
Prof. Dr. Gamal Mohamed Abu El Wafa
Researcher/ Burgess Faleh Al-Hajri

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 Effectiveness of a Training Program to treat some Pronunciation Disturbances in Reducing Social Anxiety for Mentally Handicapped Children who able to learn
 Dr. Rafat Awad Al-Khattab
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Effectiveness of Using the Cooperative Learning Strategy to improve Reading Comprehension among some students with Learning Difficulties
 Ms. Wafa Fawaz Jawabram
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 Quality of Life and Coexistence Strategies (the Confrontation) for the Deaf and Impaired (Analytical Study)
Dr. Saied Abdel Rahman Mohamed
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 The Reality of Achieving the Educational Policy of Total Quality in Managing the Egyptian Secondary School
 Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed
 Prof. Dr. Gamal Mohamed Abu El wafa
 Prof. Dr. Salama Abdel Azim Hussein
Mr. Abdul Hamid Abdul Fattah Shaalan

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Impact of Training on some Self-organized Learning Strategies in Self-effectiveness and Solving the Problems of Achievement for some Talented Students with Low Achievement
 Dr. Hanan Abdel Fattah El Malaha
 Dr. Saada Ahmed Abu Shokah

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   Volume 22, Issue 87 part1 , July 2012  

Personal Intelligence between Abu Hatab and Gardner
Dr. Ibtisam Hamid El Setiha

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Role of the Cultural Activities in developing the child's affiliation to Kindergarten
Dr. Reda Mosaad Ahmed
Dr. Abdel Fattah Ragab Ali
Dr. Shehata Soliman Mohamed

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Academic E-Learning (Requirements - Skills - Obstacles)
 Dr. Faiza Saleh Al Hammadi
Dr. Al Jawhara Ibrahim Bubshait

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 Effect of Arabic Teachers for Al-Azhar Secondary Phase to the Principles of Effective Teaching
 Dr. Ahmed Osman Abdel Fattah Afifi
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Designing a Program for Master's Degree in Education Technology in the Light of the Current Scientific and Technological Challenges
Dr. Zeinab Mohamed Amin
د/ Dr. Faiza Mohamed El Maghrabi
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 Sexual Patterning and Its Relation with some Psychological and Family Variables for some Children of the Primary School
Dr. Ahmed Abdul Ghani Ibrahim
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 Effectiveness of Using the Multi-intelligences Activities in Developing the Constructive Thinking for Students of Primary School who suffer from Learning Difficulties
 Prof. Dr. Adel Mohamed El Adl
Dr. Salah Sherif Abdel Wahab

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Saudi Learner Perceptions and Attitudes towardsthe Use of Blogs in Teaching English Writing Course for EFL Majors at Qassim University
 Dr./Arafat Hamouda
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