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In the frame of the voluntary work, the students of the faculty of education help the new-comers as they guide them to what they have to do to get enrolled to the faculty.

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Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Fouda, the dean of the faculty of education asserts that the final results of the academic years' exams will be revealed in July, 5 and he also stresses that the faculty has revealed the results of the post-graduate stage and the Diplomas. 

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The sector of community service and environment development organizes a workshop about the prophet’s birth and the forum is entitled “the prophet is a role model”. Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed Abd EL-Maksood, the professor of Islamic studies at the faculty of arts and prof.Dr. Reda Sayed Hashem, the professor of Islamic studies at the faculty of education deliver speeches in the forum and the moderator is prof.Dr. Ali Saad Gab Allah. This forum will be held in 8-12-2016 at the faculty of education. 

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