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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 08:00

Changing the Domains of some Faculties

In the frame of maintaining and securing the websites of the University faculties, we draw attention to all faculty members, students, and visitors of the websites of the faculties of (specific education – physical education – commerce) that the link of the faculty of specific education changed to http://fsed.bu.edu.eg; the new link of the faculty of physical education http://fphe.bu.edu.eg and the new link of the faculty of commerce http://comm.bu.edu.eg. 

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The meeting of the Faculties' Secretaries Council has been held on Thursday, 07/05/2015 under the presidency of the University Secretary General and in the presence of the Faculties' Secretaries, the Manager of the University Hospitals, and the Manager of the University Hostels in addition to some general managers at the University. Mrs. Sohair Abdel Aal, the University Secretary General referred to the necessity of applying the civil protection conditions. 

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