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The seminar of curriculums and the ways of teaching department will be held in 14-11-2017 under the presidency of prof.Dr.…
Monday, 13 November 2017 08:57

The meeting of the population committee

Written by
Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president presides over a meeting, Sunday noon, the third meeting of the organizing committee of…
The comprehensive convoy which is organized by Benha University has ended its activities at Tahla village in Qulubia. The convoy…
Friday, 10 November 2017 09:43

Benha University announces many Job vacancies

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Benha University announces many job vacancies as follows: 1-    A general manager of the general administration of medical affairs 2-   …
Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president holds a meeting with prof.Dr. Saad Mahmoud Saad, the head of quality management and…
The faculty of applied arts announces five candidates for the deanship position as follows: 1-    Abd EL-Momeon Shams EL-Din Abd…